Who We Are


Chris Michalek, President of Prime Capital has sixteen years of expertise in your industry. Prime constantly refines credit criteria with its partner banks for businesses by understanding the tangible and intangible merits of each transaction. This expertise enables Prime to navigate files quickly through underwriting for you: unique solutions, exemplary service and unprecedented knowledge of your business are Prime’s primary differentiators.

Prior to forming Prime Capital, Chris was responsible for architecting, developing and managing manufacturer and distributor equipment financing programs for small businesses through Fortune 500 firms. Chris is asked to speak frequently, to entrepreneurs of various business segments that consider financing, to help them understand the criteria that allows for a swift underwriting process. Chris brings technology expertise to the table as well having been responsible for architecting, growing and ensuring consistency of enterprise corporate web hosting environments for Fortune 500 firms prior to engaging in the equipment financing industry. Chris earned a BBA from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign in Management Information Systems.


As Senior Vice President at Prime Capital, Scott brings over 25 years of experience and accomplishments in the equipment and project finance industry. Scott’s experience includes origination, pricing, structure and syndication of commercial, municipal, and Federal government finance transactions throughout the United States.

At Prime Capital, Scott’s activities include developing and managing relationships with vendors, contactors, energy service companies, public utilities, and corporations both public and private. In addition, Scott maintains relationships with our investors for funding of debt and equity transactions. Scott earned a B.A. from Lake Forest College in Business Administration and Psychology.


As Senior Vice President at Prime Capital, Kirk brings his 25 years of experience to the commercial laundry finance division. Kirk has helped hundreds of new investors get their start in the laundromat business by arranging competitive financing options for new investors to build a new laundromat or funding to acquire an existing laundromat business. Kirk’s expertise includes laundromat financing, on premise laundry financing and laundry route financing.


As Director of Operations at Prime Capital, Barb works with our vendor and investor partners to process applications and related documentation. Barb coordinates the flow of all necessary documentation, from initial finance inquiries to close of transactions, and manages company promotion and marketing efforts.

Barb has over 20 years of experience in the equipment leasing & finance industry. Her hobbies include golf and enjoying time with her grandchildren.