Modular Structures And Construction Equipment

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Prime Capital can finance 100% of your organization’s acquisition of specialized, high performance modular structures and various types of construction equipment.

Many of the modular structures we finance include high performance tensioned membrane structures that take only days to customize and only weeks to build. We support vendors and contractors that provide innovative building solutions engineered for total design flexibility, all-weather performance and strength, and long-term quality and cost-effectiveness.

Most all municipal, commercial and federal entities qualify for financing from Prime Capital.

We understand the labor savings associated with your equipment procurements. We know that once the equipment comes off a job site, it will generate cash flow on a different job site. We understand that most likely the project you are a sub on will be delayed, which will result in unprojected bonus cash flow. We are aware you most likely will receive other projects as a sub just from being on a project as long as you do what you say you are going to do. We know your business.